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Rent your property on Flatio,
free yourself from worry and earn money.

Flatio aims to empower independent landlords who don’t want to deal with middlemen and third parties.

We specialize in mid-term rentals and helps anyone who wants to rent out their property. We use automation to provide landlords with a smooth, enjoyable rental experience and give them access to a large pool of professional tenants that offer them high occupancy and consistent income.

Tenants on Flatio are usually willing to pay up to 25% more than the current market standard.

List your property for free on Flatio now!

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List your property for free!

Rent like a pro

Only on Flatio can you rent out your apartment or spare room from one month and longer, without the hassle, strict rules and absurd regulations of a traditional rental. Flatio's mid-term rental brings you the highest profit, frees you from paperwork and saves you time on personal tours of the apartment.

Gain peace of mind

Mid-term apartment rental through Flatio is 100% legal, isn't subject to any special regulations and is taxed just like your usual long-term rentals.

How should you tax rent income from Flatio?

No listing fees

Enjoy free perks such as flat listing, interior photos and virtual tours, pay only after we've found you the perfect tenant.

What is the fee?

Manage the rental with ease

A smartphone or laptop is all you need. Tours are virtual, contracts digital, and the rental management app intuitive.

How does the rental process work at Flatio?

Keep your flat and money safe

Our StayProtection package has got you covered! You'll get the first month's rent even if – despite a valid contract – your tenant doesn’t move  in. You also get a free Rental Insurance for damages up to 20 000 EUR per lease.

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Get verified and financially solvent tenants

Handpick the tenants you feel good about – verified people, corporate clientele, or tenants with recommendations from other landlords.

More about potential tenants
Typical tenants at Flatio

Fine-tuned legal support

Leave all the legal stuff to us. We provide you with a verified lease agreement available in multiple languages.

How does the online lease signing work?
Lease agreement template

Experience a new level of safety
for landlords

Rental Insurance for Landlords - Powered by AXA

Flatio is partnering with AXA to provide landlords with comprehensive coverage that includes liability insurance, assistance services, and legal protection, along with quick case settlement and 24/7 online support.

7 days a week support

From listing your property to finalizing leases, we're with you at every step. Our team is always available to assist, guide, and ensure a seamless renting process. All requests resolved within 24 hours.

Upfront payments

With Flatio, tenants pay rents upfront, so you never have to worry about unpaid rents. It's an added layer of financial security you can count on.

Ready-made lease agreement

You are protected by Flatio's landlord-friendly lease agreement in 7 languages designed for flexible stays. They are automatically generated and ready for one click signing. Securely saved in your profile.

Tenant risk warning

You can check tenant credibility by checking reviews from previous stays, double check tenant credentials from their personal document.

Rental Insurance for Landlords - Powered by AXA

What’s in it for you? A whole lot!

Property damage
Dog/Cat damages
Damage caused to another person
Loss of income
Limit €20,000 per lease
Extermination, pest control, and disinfection
Door and lock jamming
Repair of household appliances
Limit €500 per lease
Limit €1,000 per lease
2 hours for free per lease

Unique Rental Insurance in the market developed by Flatio with AXA

Quick and effective case settlement within max. 30 days, and to make your experience smoother, AXA Assistance provides 24/7 online support. With Flatio, you're never alone in your landlord journey!

Free of charge for all stays that do not require a deposit.
Flatio Competitors' insurance***
Liability insurance (20 000 EUR*)
Property damage
Dog/cat damages
Damage caused to another person
Loss of income**
Insurance of assistance services (500 EUR*)
Extermination, pest control, and disinfection
Door and lock jamming
Repair of household appliances
IT assistance (2 x 60-minute consultation)
Legal protection insurance (1000 EUR*)
Case settlement within max. 30 days
24/7 online support

* The amount indicated is for 1 lease agreement.

** This coverage applies only when the landlord is unable to accommodate a new tenant due to damage caused by the previous tenant and does not cover unpaid rents. Loss of income is limited to the equivalent of two months' rent.

*** The comparison is based on data from leading competitor platforms as of March 2023. For further information regarding specific details, limitations, and exceptions, please review the General Insurance Policy.


How much money will you make for your apartment?

Want to rent out a private room or a whole property for five days to twelve months? Find out how much money you can make.

Our commission for finding the perfect tenant, providing a user-friendly rental management app, and saving many hours of your time is 5% + VAT for private rooms and 7.5% + VAT for whole properties.

The commission is deducted from the monthly rent. Renting with Flatio pays off, doesn't it? Join now! We're excited to have you on board.

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List your property for free

That's right – listing your apartment on Flatio is free of charge. We only ask for a commission once a tenant rents your flat.

Invested in an apartment? Start reaping the fruits with Flatio

Investing in an apartment pays off. With Flatio, you get three times the payoff:

  • Compared to long-term rentals, listing your apartment on Flatio can make you up to 25% more.
  • Free yourself from choosing the right tenants, giving personal tours of the apartment, and arranging contracts and other paperwork.
  • You'll have only a fraction of the worries typically connected with a short-term rental. You don't have to wring your hands over more check-ins and check-outs every other day or legislation that changes daily.

Do you, too, want to rent your apartment efficiently? Turn to Flatio and start enjoying your new passive income with no worries or stress.