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Flatio Digital Nomad Newsletter: Your Travel Companion!

Start a journey of discovery with the Flatio digital nomad newsletter, where we share information about travel and tourism and provide insights into a wide range of topics relevant to digital nomads.

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Let’s take a look at the various sections of our newsletter to give you a glimpse of the diverse content awaiting you.

💡 What’s new?

Stay ahead of the curve with our "What's new?" section. Explore the latest news from international publications and discover fresh content from our blog.

We bring you the most relevant and important news in the world of travel and remote work, including digital nomad visas, important travel information, housing industry insights, travel industry insights, international travel requirements, travel advice and advisories, updates on required travel documents, new entry requirements of various foreign countries, and much more.

📣 What has changed on Flatio?

Curious about what's happening on Flatio? This section keeps you in the loop with announcements, new features, exclusive offers, and important platform updates.

Be the first to know about changes that could enhance your digital nomad experience, from improved search functions to new markets we are expanding into and discounts.

📚 What to read?

Looking for insightful articles beyond the headlines? "What to read?" suggests noteworthy reads that may not make the news but are perfect for gaining general information.

Dive into a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics, such as travel guides, how to find accommodation when traveling abroad, travel insurance information, tips on how to travel internationally, international destinations, international customs, best practices for traveling overseas, essential tools for travelers, and much more!

🔍Who/what to follow?

Discover individuals and platforms worth following in our "Who/what to follow?" section. Whether it's travel bloggers, digital nomad gurus, remote work experts, publishers of the best travel guides, the best travel information sites, or valuable tourist websites, we highlight influencers and service providers who can enrich your journey.

🎟️ What to attend?

Plan your year with our "What to attend?" section. From festivals and retreats to conferences, cruises, and workshops, we recommend exciting events at different times of the year that will give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and create unforgettable memories.

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